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Dr. Antonio Cappello
Dr. Antonio Cappello Dr. Antonio Cappello

The best dental clinic in EU

Dr. Antonio Cappello

Dental Clinic Dentonio is the leading dental clinic in Serbia and the EU for the installation of the highest quality dental implants, dentistry, and the application of the latest prosthetic solutions.

  • Advanced implantology and prosthetics
  • Top dentists and surgeons
  • Modern and innovative clinic
  • Safe dental tourism
Dental tourism Dr. Antonio Cappello
Dr. Antonio Cappello Dr. Antonio Cappello

Dental Clinic Dentonio

In the heart of Belgrade, excellence in advanced implantology and dental aesthetics

Are you looking for a reliable and safe dental clinic in Belgrade? Do you want to restore your smile with innovative dental, implant, and prosthetic solutions? Dental Clinic Dentonio is the right choice for you.

During decades of work, our dentists and surgeons have successfully cured tens of thousands of patients from Italy, Serbia, and other countries. The founder and owner of the clinic, Dr. Antonio Cappello is an internationally recognized expert in advanced implantology and dentistry.

Welcome to Dental Clinic Dentonio!

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Why choose us?

Safe dental tourism with Italian quality and safety.
Get back to talking, eating, and smiling. It's easier than you think

Fixed teeth even without bone

Fixed teeth even without bone

Our team consists of top specialists and experts in implantology, dentistry, oral surgery, and dental prosthetics. With them, your health is in safe hands!

We cure the problem

We cure the problem

For Dr. Antonio Cappello and his team, there are no unsolvable dental problems. We guarantee successful treatment of all the dental problems you are facing!

You are a patient, not a number

You are a patient, not a number

We believe in the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and are fully committed to building a lasting relationship of trust and love.

You save the most with transparency

You save the most with transparency

With dental treatments at our dental clinic, you will save money because the prices of our services are cheaper than in other dental clinics in Europe. With us, there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. The prices of all dental services we provide are always as transparent as possible.

Italian Dentist

Italian Dentist

Dr. Antonio Cappello is a renowned Italian dental surgeon who specializes in advanced implantology and dentistry. During his studies, he fell in love with Belgrade and founded the Dentonio clinic there. Thanks to his vision, thousands of patients from around the world come to our clinic.

High-quality materials

High-quality materials

With a strong awareness that toxic materials can cause problems to the patient's body and health, we strictly use premium (high-quality) dental materials and chemicals produced by top-world manufacturers. We guarantee the highest quality of dental materials we use in our dental clinic.

Service booking and scheduling

You want to book a date and time for dental treatment in our dental clinique? Please follow 5 steps process and read carefully all instructions below.

Our services

How to get a glamorous smile, with a VIP treatment

The Dentonio Clinic offers world-class dental services, maximum commitment to each patient, VIP treatment, and a fantastic ambiance that we lovingly designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible with us.
We are professional, fast, reliable, and precise. We offer a 100% guarantee on all dental and surgical services. Your smile and satisfaction are our top priorities.
There is no place for fear in our clinic. Call us and see why we are the best dental clinic!
All services Dr. Antonio Cappello

Dr. Antonio Cappello

Zirconium dental crowns

Do you have weak and damaged teeth? In our clinic, we offer high-quality zirconium dental crowns that will be identical in shape, size, and color to your natural teeth. Dental crowns are permanently attached to dental implants or your ground teeth, and their main goal is to restore lost tooth function or improve its aesthetics.
Zirconium (zirconium) dental crowns that we implant are safe for the health of patients. They are very durable and usually last from 10-15 years. Zircon ceramics are characterized by high strength, as well as transparency, which gives the teeth a brighter and more natural look. In terms of aesthetics, zirconium crowns are far more beautiful than metal-ceramic crowns.
Due to the characteristics of complete naturalness, high quality, transparency, and perfect compatibility with the human body, we recommend the installation of zirconium crowns.
Dental crowns Dr. Antonio Cappello

Dental implants

Are you missing one or more teeth? Dental implants are the ultimate solution when teeth are missing. They are very similar to natural teeth and act as such, restoring normal function to your mouth.

Dental implants are titanium screws that are inserted into the bone to replace the lost tooth. They are the solution and the product of the latest dental technology for people who are missing one or more teeth, as well as the ideal choice for edentulous arches.

Dental implants Dr. Antonio Cappello

Pterygoidal implants

In cases where patients have a problem with the lack of bone for the installation of a dental implant, the Dentonio Clinic uses pterygoid or zygomatic implants. The advantage of using these modern techniques in implantology is reflected in speed, safety, and painlessness.
We guarantee reliable and 100% fast, safe, and painless installation of pterygoid or zygomatic implants with a lifetime guarantee on the quality of service.
Pterygoidal implants Dr. Antonio Cappello

The best dentist in Belgrade and Serbia

Have you decided to save money for your dental care with Italian quality and safety? Your journey to a new smile starts here!

Safe dental tourism

  • Quality - Our doctors are experienced dentists, registered with the Belgrade Dental Association, are carefully selected by Dr. Antonio Cappello.
  • Innovation - Dentonio Dental Center is a modern, welcoming facility where you can enjoy all the treatments and comforts you need to care for your smile.
  • Transparency - Dr. Cappello at the end of a thorough examination offers detailed treatment plans and estimates without surprises and sudden medical additions.
  • Affordability - Finally, you can treat your oral health while saving money with affordable costs that are 60% lower than the same procedures in Italy.
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