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Computer-guided implantology Dr. Antonio Cappello

Computer-guided implantology

Computer-guided implantology involves the application of the most modern technology and computer programs that enable the installation of implants without the use of a surgical knife and sutures.

Dental office Dentonio uses the most modern technological innovations and programs in its work, which allows us to be quick and efficient in planning specific interventions.

Thanks to the application of computer programs and 3D images, our experts can virtually plan every intervention and procedure. In this way, we achieve superior aesthetic results and significantly speed up the postoperative recovery of patients.

After careful analysis, the experts of the Dentonio dental office create a surgical stent with which dental implants are later placed.

Computer-guided implantology enables quick and painless interventions completed in a few minutes. Computer planning of implantology allows surgeons at the Dentonio dental practice to place implants precisely with the subsequent possibility of rapid placement of dental crowns.

Safe dental tourism

  • Quality - Our doctors are experienced dentists, registered with the Belgrade Dental Association, are carefully selected by Dr. Antonio Cappello.
  • Innovation - Dentonio Dental Center is a modern, welcoming facility where you can enjoy all the treatments and comforts you need to care for your smile.
  • Transparency - Dr. Cappello at the end of a thorough examination offers detailed treatment plans and estimates without surprises and sudden medical additions.
  • Affordability - Finally, you can treat your oral health while saving money with affordable costs that are 60% lower than the same procedures in Italy.
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