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Pterygoid implants Dr. Antonio Cappello

Pterygoid implants

Bone-free dental implantology

The pterygoid implant is a dental implant that is placed, posterior to the first molar of the upper arch (maxilla), within the pterygoid plate. An innovative and minimally invasive surgical approach with the advantages of speed, safety, and no pain.

With this new technique of pterygoid implants, it is now possible to perform dental rehabilitation by inserting dental implants even if there is a lack of maxillary bone, without having to resort to sinus elevations or bone grafts, which are particularly invasive, without making incisions and without stitches, in the almost complete absence of pain and postoperative swelling.

It is a procedure that is definitely favorable for the patient because it involves a drastic reduction in surgical time and postoperative consequences (pain, swelling, and hematomas), is significantly less invasive than the old bone grafts or sinus lift, and is consequently less burdensome to deal with.

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