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Zygomatic implants Dr. Antonio Cappello

Zygomatic implants

Installation of zygomatic implants represents the highest stage in implantology. Zygomatic implants are a unique type of implant used in cases where conventional implantology does not help the patient.

Zygomatic implants are intended for patients who have a limited amount of bone or insufficient bone. This type of implant is used to relieve the patient of prostheses and let him have fixed teeth.

The length of zygomatic implants is from 35 to 65 mm. Due to their size, these implants can be inserted into the zygomatic or cheekbone, which is how they got their name.

This intervention is painless at the Dentonio dental practice, and they work under sedation. In certain situations, the installation of this type of implant can be done under total anesthesia.

The duration of the intervention is an hour and a half to a maximum of two hours.

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