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Dental crowns

Today's dentistry offers several types of dental crowns that differ in whether they have metal in their composition or not.

Metal-free crowns are the best aesthetic solution that modern dentistry can offer patients. The resistance of these crowns is such that they can be used without problems in the lateral region of the jaw, where the chewing forces are the greatest. Metal-free or ceramic crowns have an even 70% longer service life than previously used crowns.

Metal-free or ceramic crowns are biocompatible, and the patients do not have allergic reactions to them. They are long-lasting and reliable. They fit in perfectly with the other teeth, thanks to their transparency and the fact that they transmit light almost identically to natural teeth.

Zirconium or zirconium crowns allow almost the same appearance as natural teeth. In their base, zirconium crowns contain metal in the color of natural teeth (zirconium) on which porcelain or ceramic is applied.

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